Certifying Authorities

Certifying Authorities – Digital Signature Certificates:

A Certifying Authority is a trusted agency whose central responsibility is to issue, revoke, renew and provide directories for Digital Signature Certificates. According to Section 24 of the Information Technology Act 2000, “Certifying Authority” means a person who has been granted a license to issue Digital Signature Certificates.


eMudhra Limited is a Certifying Authority licensed by Controller of Certifying Authorities, under Government of India. eMudhra operates under the guidelines set by Information Technology Act. With more than one million certificates issued, eMudhra caters to all kinds of subscribers who use Digital Certificates for Income Tax, MCA (ROC), Tenders, Foreign Trade, Banking, Railways and many other needs.

(n) Code Solutions CA:

(n)Code Solutions is a Certifying Authority licensed by the Controller of Certifying Authorities (CCA), Ministry of IT, Govt of India. (n)Code issues Digital Certificates to individuals and organizations across the country through its 200 odd Local Registration Authorities.

(n)Code is a major supplier of Digital Certificates used for e-filing purposes at DGFT and RoC, e-ticketing at IRCTC, filing at STPI and online application filing at Indian Patent Office.

Sify Safescrypt:

Sify Safescrypt provides digital trust certificate services and high-end digital security solutions that help keep the IT environment of your business secure and enable compliance with legal and regulatory requirements for end-to-end electronic transactions for any kind of E-Business.

Consultancy Services (TCS)

TCS-CA is a licensed Certifying Authority (CA) and is authorized by the Controller of Certifying Authorities (CCA), Government of India, to issue legally valid Digital Certificates in India under the Indian IT Act 2000.

Tata Consultancy Services-Certifying Authority (TCS-CA) offers a range of Digital Certificates for multiple applications. Depending on the level of trustworthiness you want to create towards the people you communicate with over the Net, TCS-CA offers three classes of Personal Certificates:

IDRBT Certifying Authority:

IDRBT, an autonomous institution established by Reserve bank of India (RBI), is the Certifying Authority in India licensed by the Controller of Certification Authorities (CCA).  The licensing of IDRBT CA by CCA is an indication to the public that it has met the stringent regulatory requirements established by the Controller.

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