Digital Signature for Imports-Exports

DGFT digital signature certificate

The Directorate General of Foreign Trade DGFT is the agency of the Ministry of commerce and industry of the Government of India in charge of managing laws in regards to foreign trade and foreign investment in India. DGFT assumes a significant part in the development of trading relations with different nations and thus help in improving the economic growth and provides certain impetus needed in the trade industry. DGFT promotes exports and imports through their regional offices across the country.

Business organizations managing in import and export business require DGFT digital signature certificate for making communication with DGFT site for different purposes. Furthermore, import export business organizations can’t make a difference for the licenses issued by the Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) without DGFT DSC. An authorized individual on behalf of the company or organization can obtain digital signature certificate for DGFT from any Registered Authority (RA). DGFT DSC is a type of Class 3 digital signature and comes with signing only version.

Advantages of Using Digital Signature Certificate for DGFT:

  • Easy and cost-effective
  • Less Paper Work
  • Security
  • Confidentiality, Integrity, Non-Repudiation, therefore bringing Trust and Confidence into online experience.

Use of DGFT digital Signature Certificate:

Having DGFT Digital Signature or Safeexim or (n) Exim you can easily apply for the licenses electronically with DGFT. Utilizing Safeexim or (n) Exim DGFT Digital Signature you can digitally sign your online license application.

Additionally foreign trade can be made possible with Digital Signature Certificate. The Export and Import Organizations applying for licenses online on DGFT site needs DGFT Digital Signature Certificate because DGFT has mandate the Digital Signature Certificate for guaranteeing the authenticity of the documents needed to be uploaded at the time of applying.

e-Digital Signature is the privilege and appropriate source of obtaining DGFT Digital Signature Certificate. One, who is looking quick and fast service identifying with DGFT Digital Signature certificate, must contact e-Digital Signature.

Foreign Trade and Digital Signature Certificates

Export and Import Organizations (EXIM organizations) can apply for licenses online which means that they can also file accompanying documents electronically on the DGFT website. Since a Digital Signature Certificate ensures authenticity of the document, DGFT has mandated use of Digital Signature Certificates with all electronic documents uploaded on the DGFT site. This means that every EXIM Organization needs to necessarily have a Digital Signature Certificate for transactions related to the DGFT website. On validating the identity of the sender, authenticity of the documents and validity of the DSC, DGFT then processes the documents for licence issuance. In addition to convenience, online submission of applications on the DGFT website also means a 50% reduction in licence fee for EXIM Organisations.

Organizations can prevent fraudulent practices such as identity thefts by filing bills of entry using a Digital Signature Certificate. If an organisation is filing documents through Custom House Agents, it is important that all documents filed are accompanied by a DSC.

A Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate is essential for any organisation seeking an Import or an Export Licence that needs to be registered in the name of one representative authorised to represent the organisation.

Since a Digital Signature Certificate is recognised by the legal system, all documents submitted using a Digital Signature Certificate is considered on par with physically signed documents, and also attract benefits endowed upon them through the Indian Information Technology Act 2000.

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