Digital Signature for Income Tax Return

Register Digital Signature for E-Filing of Income Tax Return

Digital signature is accepted as authentication for electronic forms just like a handwritten sign. Individuals and HUFs who are appropriate to analysis their accounts need to use digital signature mandatorily for filing income tax returns electronically.

Digital signature certificate can be bought from one of the 7 certification agencies for a fee, which is beneath than Rs 1,000. It is valid for a year, afterwards which it can be renewed.

In the absence of digital signature, one needs to print ITR V, assurance it manually and forward to I-T office. With digital signature, this is not required. However the I-T department is accepted to do away with the need for digital signature; it can alter it with e-PIN generated at the time of filing returns.

Digital signature certificate

Procedure to register DSC for Income Tax Return

  1. For filing tax returns using your digital signature you need to first register it on the e-filing portal.
  2. Log in to your registered account at
  3. On the top bar mouse over profile Settings and select Register digital Certificate.
  4. Select type of DSC and upload file from your computer. Ensure that email id in your digital signature certificate is same as provided in e-filing profile. If not matching, change your email id using Update Contact Details advantage in Contour Settings. Similarly, digital signature is unique to an individual so PAN in DSC has to match yours.

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